5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Album

You want to keep your wedding precious and safe- in more than just your memories. You need a quality album that fits your style. Thus, I compiled a list of why you need a wedding album. A beautiful wedding such as yours deserves an elegant but sophisticated handcrafted leather album. Here is my current sample flush mount album featuring Samantha + Ryan’s Winnipeg wedding from July 2017.

1.  Keep Your Memories

Your wedding day is an absolutely beautiful day. You definitely want to keep it close to your heart. You also want to have something physical you can hold onto and show others! A wedding album is the best way to do this. You want it to have a high quality to it, be custom for you, and fit your style.

2. Quality

My work is of quality. When you have a quality wedding photographer, you want quality keepsakes of these moments. When your wedding needs to be captured perfectly, why shouldn’t your keepsake as well? Quality is consistent throughout my work and should be consistent throughout your memories.

3. Custom

You may be thinking that you may just want a basic binder or something akin to that. But, something custom not only helps uniqueness, it also helps you hold onto the special day in writing and photos, in a physical copy. This is important because it can craft how you and others remember the day for years to come.

4. Same Source

Your quality may have a chance of becoming diminished when you take your photos to be printed elsewhere. Only the photographer that captured the moments can print the photos in the best quality to fit their style the best. Moreover, while fitting their style, you still want quality- if for some reason the original photographer can’t print their work, it’s important to consider another industry professional.

5. Fit Your Style

If you chose a photographer to capture your wedding, chances are you already are familiar with and like their style. Thus, their wedding album will fit yours. This is another important factor to consider when choosing your wedding album. If for some reason, however, their wedding album doesn’t fit your style it’s important to know your style and find something that fits your wedding style perfectly.



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